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A Texas update

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Hi all! Been off-line (literally) for the last 4 days. Started with the black-outs sometimes lasting 2-1/2 hours off and 20 minuets on. We are still with intermittent power, but not as bad now. Then on day 2 the water quit. Not frozen, just no power to pump it into the tower. I have learned several things the past few days.

  1. A 20-gallon garbage can full of snow makes 5 gallons of water (For flushing only).
  2. Ice sickles can reach 3' in length!
  3. I hate using the smart phone.
  4. It's still cold!

Things I don't understand.

  1. Why are Stadium lights, and City sky-lines more critical than our homes for power.

Things I believe.

  1. Covid-19 and Green Power is playing a major role in Global Cooling.

Supposed to be back in the 70's next week here.


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You folks sure are taking a hit. Cold is bad in areas not used to getting it. Spring is on the way & trust me ice sickles can get much longer than 3'!
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