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Allis 416H Restoration and Alteration

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This is the 416h Allis I went through a few years back. My brother-in-law up the road has it now. It was his Uncle's. then his Dad's, then his, then mine. It was worn badly everywhere and almost un-useable. I traded him out of it to give it new life. I mowed with it a few years, but was thinning the herd and wanted it to stay in the family, so offered it back to my brother-in-law on trade. I got his John Deere 214 which I plan to sell this spring.

I had to weld up all mounting holes, then re-drill. All linkages were worn & needed work too. Engine was good when I 1st traded, but lost the rod dipper & nearly tossed the rod, so got a rebuild. Had to replace the deck, which I had one off an MF14 which is the IDENTICAL shell....just use Allis bracketry. Then I changed the brake pedal to pedal hydro control. The former hand hydro lever got shortened & now serves as parking brake.

Here's some pics "before":

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Tread

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Here are a few pics of changing her to pedal hydro. The pedal I just tacked a temp sheet on for testing.

Wood Automotive tire Orange Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Wood Gas Automotive wheel system Machine Auto part

Wood Motor vehicle Gas Metal Auto part

Motor vehicle Wood Gas Bumper Auto part

Here are pics during painting.

Automotive tire Rim Circle Automotive wheel system Auto part

Wood Table Automotive tire Gas Auto part

Wood Gas Machine Composite material Wheel

Plant Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Road surface

Wood Gas Machine Motor vehicle Metal

Wood Automotive exterior Composite material Engineering Event

Bumper Automotive design Wood Fender Motor vehicle

Plant Motor vehicle Wood Wheel Asphalt

Here she sits at local show. She mows like a mad dog & looks good to boot. Glad I restored this "family tractor"! I made the decals too, and these were the hardest to date! All colors have to be put on separately. Lining them up was a beast!

Wheel Tire Vehicle Tractor Automotive tire

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