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Not sure how many west-coast folks hang out on this forum, but in case someone around here wants an ARK 500 loader I've got one for sale. It came attached to a Kubota G5200 but the tractor had a bad habit of getting stuck when I tried to use the loader. I sold the tractor, thinking I'd get a Bolens large frame for the ARK. But I ended up finding a Bolens 1455 with a Johnson loader so the ARK has to go.

From what I can tell, these were sold for Bolens, Wheelhorse, Massey Ferguson, and Duramax garden tractors. Maybe others. I haven't had a lot of luck finding much information on them.

What's left of the decal on the side says ARK 500 series. I don't know the exact model number. It comes complete with the pump, drive shaft, and mounting frame. The mounting frame looks like it was modified, and might need to be again depending on what you have. The loader works great. I used it last summer to move compost, grass clippings, and rocks, and I graded my driveway with it. I was pretty careful with how much I put in it because I feared for the front axle / spindles on the Kubota G5200. The loader seemed to have plenty of power and a strong frame, and I would imagine the tractor's front end would give out before this thing did.

I replaced all of the hydraulic hoses attached to the cylinders and the valves (12 in all) with brand new professionally made hoses. The supply and return hoses for the pump are in good shape. The bucket cylinders leaked slightly, but I just replaced all the O-rings in them this week, so they should be good to go. Overall there is very little rust, but it could use a paint job to look pretty. The bucket is in good shape too, having normal wear and tear but no significant issues.

Things like this are pretty rare around here. I didn't get it cheap and I put some money into fixing it up, so I'm asking $1500. But I would consider offers. I probably shouldn't accept a trade (as my herd of Bolens large frames keeps growing) but I'd certainly entertain the idea of trading it for a Bolens large frame diesel that runs well and is in good shape.

Thanks for looking!


1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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