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I am going to sell one of my 1250's and all the attachments (except 3 point) I have with it. (Made a deal with the boss to buy another garden toy if I get rid of one) I need an idea of a rough value as a set

1250 with a rebuilt engine with less then 10 hrs. on rebuild.....mechanically very good.....paint is like a good working tractor.
2 large frame snow ready to use and the other in need of some tlc to use
1 tiller in very good condition
48" mower deck average useable condition
Snow cab (posted pictures on here before)
snow plow 54"

Many of these items are shown being used on my YouTube channel (except snow blowers because I didn't have snow when I had them)

I am probably going to advertise as an everything sale and not pieced apart.

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Thanks for the help.......I didn't realize the what's it worth was a sensitive topic lol.......sorry about that.
Many factors go in on a 'loaded' question of "what's it worth". What is one willing to pay vs. what you are willing to let it go for is the key issue. Rarity can play some factor, but, so can condition.

To play Devil's advocate here would be my offer IF I had the cash and considering where I would have to travel to pick up the package deal. $850.00

Of course you may think It's a lowball offer and be laughing or swearing. You may have another idea that it would be worth double that or more if you parted it out.

So, you really need to figure what it is worth to you, if you will replace it all later with something else equal to and is money your real object, needing to profit.

Hope this helps.
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