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(Moderators - if this belongs elsewhere, let me know - I thought it would go better here where people are needing parts).

I have a Bolens G12 tractor that I'm making available for parts . . . for free.

"Free" has a catch: The tractor is in Barron, WI - the NW corner of the state, about 90 minutes or so NE of Minneapolis. You come get it, it's all yours. I'd prefer that the whole thing goes, not just individual parts.

Problems: Tecumseh engine has a breather leak, Reverse in the tranny is out.

Frame is solid, everything else works, nice tires. A lot has been serviced recently. I've picked up another garden tractor and since I got so much help from people on this site, I thought I'd make it available here to anyone who wants/needs parts before I take the it to the scrapyard.

Contact me if you're interested.

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