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I have just realised that I have not posted anything since the major forum upgrade which must have been a very long time ago now, although a number of you keep in contact via my son Joseph's Youtube channel "Garden tractor boy". Apologies for not posting recently, I must do better.

Bolens tractors and attachments are very rare here in the UK and after looking for a sleeve hitch for a number of years I gave up finding one locally and I bought one from the US, a friend in West Virginia posted it over to us. This was many years ago.

We recently bought another sleeve hitch locally which has been heavily and badly modified and is missing the lift rod. When we compare the two we realised the the one we just bought was a Bolens one (model 18907-02) and we now think the first one we bought was Brinly HH-106.

This is a picture of the original sleeve hitch which I now think may be a Brinly

Road surface Asphalt Wood Automotive tire Gas

This is the decal on the new one

Light Black Wood Font Gas

I can see two obvious differences. These appear to be the width of the flat bar that the lift rod attaches too (much wider on the Bolens one) and the Bolens one has a much larger hole for the lift rod

Road surface Wood Asphalt Line Gas

Wood Gas Auto part Metal Tool

Our plan on the new sleeve hitch is to cut off all the horrible modifications, undertake a few repairs, make a new lift rod and ideally paint it in the correct colour, which raises a few questions:

Are our assumptions about our initial sleeve hitch correct, is it a Brinly?

Does anyone have a better picture (ideally with dimensions) of the Bolens decal so we can get a new one made or know anyone who sells the decal?

Does anyone know what the correct colour is for the Bolens sleeve hitch?

Does anyone have a lift lever for a Bolens 18907 sleeve hitch and would be willing to post some pictures and dimensions? I am assuming the length and shape is the same as our other lift rod and the difference will be both ends and the diameter

Iain and Joseph

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Thanks for the replies, responses inserted below. I am currently exploring a replacement decal from someone I have used before in the UK although it may take a while.

This thread may or may not help you but thought I would link to it as it may provide some information for you.
Bolens Tubeframe Sleeve Hitch Question

I know mine did not have a sticker on it so unable to help you as far as the sticker.
Thanks Stew. I had forgot about this thread and it does provide some useful information especially your posts on making a lift rod. I believe I have some 5/8" cold rolled left over from making the lift rods for our Bolens LF snow blade project

It's good to see that you are still around! I will have to check on YouTube and watch some of Joseph's videos. I always enjoyed all your posts and videos of your Bolens projects. For the Bolens tractors and attachments being rare where you live, you certainly have a nice collection of them! I'm sorry I can't help much with any information. I have one of the white Brinly hitches that I had to straighten and repair and also fabricate a lift rod assembly as there wasn't one with it when I bought it. I followed some diagrams I found possibly here or over on the MTF site to build myself one. I wish you luck with your search!
Thank you, Joseph has done some recent videos on a Bolens snowcaster which you may find interesting. Joseph and I are planning to rebuild this one first and it may lead to making a complete new sleeve hitch as a project.
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