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Suddenly, last night's thrill of taking the Boss' money playing poker is gone . . .

Other ideas . . .

The exception to the Rule that Mini Spares on Trucks are Bad.

In this safety video, we see what happens when a large truck tire is slowly inflated without using a tire inflation safety cage. Notice how he properly sought to protect his legs by pointing his kneecaps away from the rim to allow the legs to naturally flex if struck from behind by the wheel's lock-ring slipping off the wheel as it is inflated. However, this worker under-estimated the force created by the 250lb lock-ring being propelled at 130mph by 90psi as it slipped off the wheel. Always inflate using a safety cage! This brings us to our next video, where we explore the proper method to remove large amounts of bodily fluids from the job site . . .
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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