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My name is Rick and I'm an addict. Even though I have too many tractors, today, I bought another. Atleast this is only the fifth one this year. This is the ad:

Case 222 lawn tractor




Good strong motor. Needs seat and steering wheel. Needs new bearings in mower deck

I bought it and brought it home this evening. It runs good but the steering wheel and seat are damaged. It came with the owners manual and the original brochure. The original price was $3150. I'm going to replace the wheel and seat, repair the seat mount and brakes, and then mount the snowblower from my 220 with a bad engine. I am very tempted to put a JD Green Curtis Cab on it for use this winter. I guess the red and green is Christmasy. Good Luck, Rick
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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