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Many years ago when I live at home. Our house backed onto a sports ground.

Based on there was an HT20, guessing a late 70s model. It was there from new for arround 15 - 20 years & all it did was tow a set of ransomes mini gangs, rolling & towing a trailer.

It was traded in when it packed up for a honda tractor which is still there to this day

As a kid I did drive the bolens from time to time when the grounds man let me.

At the back of the shed where the tractor lived was a cab for the HT20 in bits against the wall. The cab never went with the tractor & ended up in a skip a short while later.

If i had know how rare this was in the UK then I would have taken it out!! I was only 12 at the time.

Thats how I got hooked onto bolens from this tractor & I never knew its fate. Shame
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