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$350 with the engine not running. A bit more if and when I fix or replace the engine.

Local pick up only in the San Francisco Bay Area - Hayward, CA, 94545.

I am working on the engine in this beautiful, like-new tractor. The current posted price reflects the fact that the engine currently does not run. If and when I get it running in the next few days, then the price will go up. The seller told me the engine was blown but I am not sure that is accurate and it might turn out that the starter just needs some electrical cleaning. In any case the price will be set appropriately.

The specifications will be updated shortly with more accurate info, model and serial numbers.
This tractor has the CVT Automatic which are very robust and easy to use transmissions made by General Transmission.
The engine is a single cylinder Briggs and Stratton 19 HP. (currently not running, please read entire ad)
It has a nice 42 inch mowing deck. The blades need to be sharpened or replaced. I sharpen my own to save money. It's easy.
This tractor features Turn-Tight steering which allows an extremely small turning radius, comparable to a zero-turn mower.
The front axle is heavy-duty cast iron (much better than the common stamped steel variety.)
With the narrower mowing deck and extremely tight turning radius, this lawn tractor is especially good for yards with a lot of trees, landscaping and pathways to navigate around.
The tires are like new.
The fire-engine red paint is like new. I even polished most of the hood and fenders with Turtle Wax.
Every corner of the tractor has been cleaned and detailed. The first thing I do to a new member of the collection is make it very clean.
There is no damage anywhere on the tractor other than some scuffing where feet go and small, unnoticeable scratches here and there.
This tractor can accept almost any kind of Lawn Tractor (medium duty) attachments which fit this standard type of frame.
It has a nice dashboard and manual controls consist of the automatic forward/reverse and speed control lever, a mower deck lift lever, attachment clutch engagement lever and the foot-pedal clutch/brake.
The seat is like new.

I am open to all reasonable offers. When potential buyers request extra info or pics not in the ad, I will get those to you.
I am very busy but the tractor is here and accessible on a flexible schedule for very interested potential buyers.
Some consider me an expert on all types of small tractors and riding mowers and I have contacts which are nationwide experts in specific brands, so I can answer any tractor-related question you might have about this beautiful Craftsman.
I will show the tractor to potential buyers who have cash in hand and are ready to make a purchase at the time I show it to them, if they decide to buy it.
Please, if you are not serious about purchasing this lawn tractor, keep researching and looking until you are ready to make an informed decision, as I only have time right now for serious buyers.
YouTube has a great amount of very informative videos on almost any kind of tractor you may be interested in.

The included pics are ones I could grab quickly, but I will be updating this ad soon with many more and better pics. But don't wait until then, get in touch soon because tractors like mine sell quickly.

A lawn tractor like this sells new for around $2000 and this one is like new.
Engines are easily/cheaply fixed or replaced on these and I might get this one running great in a few days.
You could solve the engine issue yourself and keep the price very low. Working on tractors is easy and immensely enjoyable.
Anything you might want to fix or modify on a tractor has great videos on YouTube to show you how. Anyone can do it.

Max Tractor

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That looks like my Husqvarnas that I'm working on. I've heard same manufacturer.
Yeah Husqvarna manufactures these style LTs for a lot of brands. It's sad we can't buy quality products from ethical manufacturers who make the products here, employing our own citizens, who stand behind their brand with pride etc etc. The world is just one massive scam nowadays.

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In this area a dead Lawn Tractor, especially a Crapsman is not worth over $100.
Yeah I'm considering swapping a Kohler 15.5 out of my LT4000 Hydro into this one and then asking 500-600. Here in Crazyfornia people with the ability to fix their tractor seem scarce. They are busying suing each other and flipping houses and ruining the state and the country. I'm trying to get out.

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The T2200 sold for $250. I never got around to diagnosing the engine as I have too many other tractor projects and I was waiting to get to it, then needed to sell it to make space. Sold it to a cool fellow who rented a truck and drove down all the way from Sacramento to here, near Oakland, so he was pretty motivated. He is keeping in touch. It looks like there is a chance he will get the motor running, even though he knew that the guy I bought it from had said it had a "blown motor." I suspected it might not be totally blown. The new buyer got the starter turning, saw fuel pumping, good compression (but not tested yet,) no spark, but definitely no exploded internals. We are thinking it might be ignition-related. Anyhow I hope he does get it running easily, but even if he has to swap the motor we both feel he got a good deal and the little bit of space I gained back was very helpful to me. I still have 10 more tractors to keep me busy .. which is probably nothing compared to the collection some of you all have! I'll update again when we find out what the problem really was.
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