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I finally got around to adjusting my brakes and hydro linkage on my Cub 149 tonight. I had to adjust the brakes first because they needed it and that was what the manual said to do first before touching the hydro linkage. First step is jack up the rear end of the tractor so the wheels can spin freely.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Tread
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Tread

Next, put the brake pedal lock down into the first notch which is neutral.

Amber Fluid Liquid Wood Gold

I then made sure the wheels would spin freely. According to the manual there should be no braking occurring in this position. Mine brakes were so I adjusted these nuts on both sides of the tractor until I didn't feel any drag coming form the brakes. I made sure the brakes still worked with the pedal pushed down further into the braking zone.

Motor vehicle Product Yellow Automotive tire Mode of transport
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Amber Wood Wall Gas Tints and shades

With the brakes adjusted I then loosened up the bolts holding the hydro cam bracket. The bracket is slotted. I slid the bracket all the way up and snugged the bolts down.

Yellow Bumper Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gas

I started up the engine and left the brake pedal in the neutral position. The tires were spinning very freely so I gently tapped the bracket down until the tires stopped spinning. I snugged up the bolts and all was done!

Here is the diagram from the manual that shows you when the brakes and hydro should be working properly.

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During the winter I had to use the hydro release valve to start the tractor because the higher viscosity of the hydro fluid would make the tractor move and bog done the engine making it hard to start. This should cure that problem but I won't know until winter.


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