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Didier Hydra Sickle

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Spotted this Didier Hydra Sickle at the Portland IN Swap Meet this past week. This unit was supposed to have been mounted on the MTD behind the WheelHorse and driven with a pto shaft off the front of the tractor. I pulled the guard shield and found no surface wear on sections or guards. Decals are mostly good and swathboard shows no wear. Pressure hose from tank to drive motor is weather checked badly and the base of the unit is corroded/rusted. Hydraulic tank is full of oil and it just looks to have all sorts of possibilities: 46" bar, no pitman, heavy built and very unique.

Tag says Model #11051 and Serial #100271.

I brought it home and am looking for more information on Didier Manufacturing Company, Didier Hydra Sickle, and any literature available.
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Did you buy it?
Looks to be in very good shape.
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