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I'm hoping you guys can help me.

I have an eliminator 1900 (5000 series). My PTO turns counter clockwise, as does my engine (when viewed looking at the front of the tractor.

I recently purchased a heavy duty old day MTD 2 stage snow blower attachment, but the bugger turns the wrong direction!

I opened the gearbox, and it is 2 direct meshing gears, thus by turning one CCW, will cause the other to go CW.

1) I looked at MANY internet pictures, and it seems to be very standard that the high speed blower's discharge is on the LEFT hand side (when sitting on the tractor.

2) I viewed a few manuals from the era (mid 80's) - Cub cadet, MTD, etc, and it appears that an option for the gearing is also double chain and 2 sprockets inside the gearbox. This would make the gears go the same, and in my case, CCW input, = CCW output:)

3) My gearbox has a stub shaft so that I could mount directly to my CCW tractor, but then it won't do any gear reduction, so the Chute Blower would be approx. 2100RPM, and the auger would be about 600RPM. This is REALLY FAST! I heard that the speeds are supposed to be closer to 1100 blower, and 150 auger or you can destroy the blower bushings, etc.

I'm just not sure if the real Bolens 2 stage blower for CCW engines actually has the discharge chute, and 2 front screwing augers go the opposite way, or they just made one gearbox but it was switched with direct meshing gears, vs. chain and sprockets.

Thank you for your help,

Bolens 1900
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