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Have some equipment that came with my Speedex. I'm cleaning them up and painting to sell. I got info from someone on Empire Plow Brand and they look like those parts. On a cultivator shank it says Empire USA, then 3539 below that. Is that a part number? On the shovel end they all say E 840 6, then 2 80 underneath. Model or part numbers or dates? I have two furrowers to do yet, will look for more numbers on them too. They don't show up till I sandblast the parts. I have the 3pt tool bar that these mount on also. I also have another style cultivator with arched spring style shovels with tiny ends on them that can be turned over and are the points. Has about six of those on a frame. The frame is not set up for a three point as is, yet have seen them that way in catalogs. I set my tool bar over it, but don't see how one could fasten it to it as it sets. You would have to make mounts or maybe a whole 'nother 3pt frame as permanent on it is way to go.

SO, is this Old stuff or just old designs? Gonna take them to Portland swap in May, see if I can sell.


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