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I would like to nominate my McLean tractor. While I was working on a deal for a Wheel Horse Suburban, I spotted a tractor that I was unable to identify. The owner did not know much about the tractor either. He told me that when he found the tractor it was in a creek with only the steering wheel sticking out of the water. He pulled it out of the creek and it sat had outside on his property for about 12+ yrs. Pictures of the tractor sitting where I first seen it.



One year later I contacted the owner to see if he would be willing to sell the tractor, we came to an agreement on a price and it was up to me to do the research to find out what I had just purchased. After searching pictures on the internet off and on for about a week I was finally able to put a name on the tractor. Now that I had a name for the tractor it was time to find a source for parts to restore it. Well there was no source for parts or even much for information on the tractor period. With help from friends, many hours researching what little information I could find, and even more hours reproducing the parts that I needed to restore this tractor to nearly new condition. I am quite happy with the end result.




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