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Well I Did This Once Before I Gonna Give It Another Shot Here We Go I Gonna Entry My Super Rare 1969 AMF 1414 It The 6th Off Of The Line In 1969 The Serial Number Is 0006 It Got A Factory Cat 0 3pt Hitch On It & I Got A Factory Snow Plow For It Also But I Cant It Put It On It With 3pt Hitch On It Due To It Mounts Where The 3pt Lift Arms Mount It Got Hydro Lift & Hydro Foot Control On It. Here The Story About It I Bought It Back From My Friend Dayton_King At Evansville Show This Past June It Been Tho 3 Of My Friends Rustyoldjunk Had It First Then I Had It Then RustyoldJunk Got It Back From Me In A Trade Then My Friend Dropped82 Had It Then Went To Dayton_King's Place In GA & Now It Back In Indiana Where It Started It Was A Major Project When I Had It The First Time Now It All Done Running & Driving Amazing!!!! I Am Soo Glad To Get It Back In My Collcetion!!! Best Of Luck To Everybody That Entry In This!!!
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