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I would like to Nominate my '66 Allis B-10. It's my 4th child. 😊 I acquired the fine machine as a gift from my boyfriend, Valentine's Day, Birthday, & Christmas all wrapped into one. I fell in love. With the tractor. She's all original (except the paint on the wheels). Came with a mower deck. I have since found a few uncommon accessories for it. Starting with a original rear work light bracket. Headlight bar. And 3 Guide series headlights. I have a original Right Hand Lift as well. Found some beautiful Hubcaps and popped those beauties on. I've also got a AC moldboard plow, which I'm not afraid to take out at use each year at our local plow day. Even tho a lot of people call it the "Barn Queen" she gets dirty once and awhile. Mechanically this tractor runs like a dream. Starts every time the first time.

This is the tractor that started my love for these old machines. Since getting this B10 I've added a B12, Sears Custom 6, and a Wheel Horse Commando 8 to my fleet, along with my boyfriends 15 other tractors. I've also started a side business detailing GTs. Preserving the original paint. I've had tractors come to me from Iowa, Wisconsin, Alabama, a locally in Michigan. My kids have even gotten into the hobby and have tractors of their "own". Every year we get them out and all of us ride them in our Memorial Day parade. These tractors have led me to meet a lot of awesome people and make lifelong friendships.

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