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I would like to nominate my 1970 Cub Cadet 126. I bought it about a year and a half ago. I was mostly interested because of the rear lift, creeper, lights, and the price was decent. These are also the third lowest produced model of IH Cubs. Although it looks good in pictures, the previous owner gave it a quick pressure can paint job with a lot of runs, and it is peeling in some places. I'm planning on repainting it eventually.
I mainly use it for mowing and raking, but plowed snow with it half of last winter. It is also ready to go this year if anything happens to my 147. Here are a few Christmas and working pictures.

Plant Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Plant Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Automotive tire

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