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Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Truck

So I'll enter my 1980 Ford LGT 165. My son and I bought it about 14 years ago. It came with 50" deck, 42" blower, 36" tiller and the cab. I have made other attachments for it also, over the years. Use to put about 100 hours a year on it when we first got it. Then more tractors came and did not have to change as many attachments, so it finally ended up with the blower staying on year round. Then more tractors with blowers came, so it didn't get used as much. So with very little snow and the blower part not reliable, the tractor has only run a few hours in the past few years. Only about 30 minutes run time this winter.

So, I decided that it has to do some thing to keep running, so I decided to take the blower off and put the tiller on. It's been six years since the tiller was on. So over the last two days I've got it on and working. Serviced it. Was quite a job to find all the parts to put it on, but I did it.

Works great, out to the potato patch today and dug up the ground to get some heat into it. About two and a half hours run time. Have other ones to do and will do all of them twice before planting.

Thanks for looking and reading.


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