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Snow Musical instrument Mammal Automotive tire Freezing

I'll enter my dads walk behind snow blower. It's a 1968 snowflight made by MTD. Dad bought it in 1969 used. I was 12 years old at the time. Boy, I was some excited to see and used this thing. Dad and I used it a lot over the years. Moved a lot of snow. Some storms, you could only find the car by the radio antenna. Dad used it up in to his early eighties. He passed away in 1995 at the age of 86.

So I still have it, and I use it once a year, just for fun, which dad used to say. It doesn't throw very far compared to today's machines. Valves were done once. Carb clean a few times, belts, one friction disk put in and just general repairs. I put an electric starter on it when dad got older, so he could get it started. If you look at how the impeller runs, its quite different than most snow blowers.

Any way. I think I'll get it out for it's yearly run within the next few days. A little bit of snow coming each day this week.
Thanks for looking and reading.


Snow Musical instrument Mammal Automotive tire Freezing

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