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Snow Tire Wheel Window Building

I'll enter my 1976 MF 12. Some of you have seen this before. When I bought it, I got a deck, thrower, tiller and cab. Used the thrower a bit. Used the tiller a lot. Used the deck for one season.

So I built the loader for it. I have many uses for the loader. Then realizing I would never mount the thrower on the front again, I mounted the thrower on the back with its own engine. It works well. But only use it for some fun, but if the other snow removal equipment breaks down it there to use.

These pictures range from October 2012 until December 2018

Thanks for lookin and readin.

Snow Tire Wheel Window Building

Tire Wheel Window Building Vehicle

Wheel Tire Snowplow Snow Vehicle

Snow Vehicle Snowplow Wheel Automotive tire

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