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Wheel Tire Sky Plant Vehicle

I'll enter my newly acquired Bolens 1477 with a Johnson Workhorse Forklift attachment. Several years ago my good friend Rick Show (blackjackjake) found one at a former Bolens dealer and offered it to me, I passed ... can't explain my reasoning because I've kicked myself several times since. Upside It found an excellent home with Doug (LPBolens) . They are a Simplicity dealer now and are strictly lawn and garden no Ag dealer and oh by the way we sell L&G also, it's a mom and pop place, I liked that so I bought my ZTR off them.
Okay, so I was on Craigslist Saturday's ago and for some reason the Hagerstown MD site , typed in Bolens and holy smoke there it was, just listed ( couple hours) it was in Mechanicsburg PA , had to be karma cause I spent many a summer there as a kid at my Grandparents , know the area quite well. I'm not getting thru via phone , email sent... wait... almost positive it's going to blow up here or on FB.
Get a text from fellow member, shhhh I say , he wishes me luck , I AM DETERMINED to own this ! Get the call , I'm in the running , I amaze him ( his words ) with my Bolens knowledge, I pour it on , approaching the baffle em with BS territory, the Bolens Bug is at WOT , I throw in my Mechanicsburg connection " have cash and can be their first thing in the morning" a little bit of waffling toward another buyer who was in hunt but that went by the wayside as he apparently overplayed his hand. "It's yours" came the call, super happy.

Hauled it home, did some maintenance, it's runs strong hydro is solid, couldn't be more pleased. Threw some duals on it and have really enjoyed playing around with it. To me it is perhaps the most intriguing piece engineered for a garden tractor , to totally repurpose it from its standard duties and come up with something that basically bolts on and doesn't require any modifications to the tractor speaks volumes of Johnson's undertaking . It's absolutely my favorite piece now. I believe the best news is my wife was outside while I fired it up, it's garbage and recycle day, we have the big 60 gallon rolling cans and a 350' driveway she says " hey get them and haul them up". Allright ! Duty calls! It shined, wife smiled, all is good in the collecting world... till the next one... be a hard act for me to follow.

Wheel Tire Sky Plant Vehicle

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Tire Wheel Plant Tree Vehicle

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