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Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Locking hubs

I'll show my Roper for this month.

I bought my Roper RT-10 back in 1975. Thinking it may be a 72/73 model.? Being 17 years old at the time I paid a whopping $600 for it. Sold a snowmobile to help offset the cost. Bought it used at a JD dealer of all places. We had a Roper dealer close to my area where it was sold new originally. I remembered going there not long after buying it and he went on to tell me that the reason the owner got rid of it was because it was beat to death,wore out. Well here I am 45 years later. He was just mad because the guy went JD..

I did paint it not long after I got it using IH red paint (which is still on it today) and my trusty Craftsman compressor and the gun that's comes with it. Made up a 5 gallon pail with cement for weight for the 3 point. That weighs 100#'s. It came with the 30# wheel weights
and I made additional 60# weights for each side. So it gets around quite well.

I overhauled it once back in the early 80's. Not that it really needed it but more that I could. Added a new ignition to it once but that's about all I ever did to it and never even touched the carburetor (other than adjustments).

I used it for maybe 10 years mowing but since that time I have other ones to mow with. So the snowplow has been on it ever since. Never take it off. And I only use it 2-3 hours a year now just to play in the snow a little. And it does push its guts out.

So this thing has been with me a long time. I maybe don't use it much but highly doubt I'd ever part with it.

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Locking hubs

Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Automotive tire

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