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Well, I have a unique UGLY tractor.
It is a Gilson S-16 Twin frame with a Kohler single affixed under the hood, and what appears to be a Johnson loader fitted via some ugly engineering that works. I needed a loader to move lots of mulch around the yard...tired of the old pitchfork, shovels, and hand pull trailer efforts, I needed a loader. Enter the subject tractor. I picked it up last year, and within 15 minutes of trying to move mulch, I broke the rear axle and had to find another donor tractor with a drop in transaxle so I could get all the mulch out of the driveway. As luck would have it, I found a Monkey Wards that fit the bill, and after the transaxle swap, a blown out muffler, and a couple hydraulic leaks, the mulch got moved.

The future of the Gilson is uncertain, except that it will remain operational and used regularly for whatever I need. I have since welded a ripper tooth to the bucket for tilling up small areas of hard soil, and shrub and small tree removal. Turns out, it is pretty effective. Eventually, I would like to take it apart, clean it up, paint it, and make it a bit more comfortable to use, but that is a big unknown at this point, and it wouldn't be an ugly tractor at that point either. For now, it will continue to start every time I turn the key, run as long as I need it to, and be a generally strong work horse.

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