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This original Bush Hog D4-10 was found my friend Jack Shuey up in Pennsylvania. He saw it on the side of the road, took pictures of it and sent them to me and Daniel. Lucky more me, distance and Daniels lack of need for another D4-10 allowed me to claim it as mine. Jack provided me with the contact info etc, and I called the guy to make the deal. Keep in mind I had never met the owner and neither had Jack. The owner and I agreed to a price and I promised him I would send a payment first thing Monday and that I would pick it up in 2 weeks. Later that day,

Jack emailed me and told me took look at one of the pictures closely. He thought that it may have rear wheel weights on the inside of the wheels. After a closer inspection of the picture, I too thought this was a possibility. What if they were original Bush Hog wheel weights?? What a find that would be! At this point, just a what if, time would tell!

Well by the middle of the week, I had gotten a call from the owner that they could not get my check cashed since my bank was not local. I assured him I would come on and pick it up that Friday and bring cash. We agreed to this and I started making plans to head up that way. Thursday afternoon I started to call to confirm he would be around for me to pick it up….well……9 calls later I still had not been able to get up with him. I decided not to leave the next morning until I could figure out what had happened. I started getting concerned that maybe someone had come along and offered him a better deal. I could understand if he had. Times have been hard these past couple of years and an offer of more money would be hard to turn down by anyone…..all that evening I kept wondering if I had lost the deal. In my mind, I knew he would not be to take my money, although we had only talked on the phone, I am good with people and I knew he was trustworthy, but I wanted to know what happened. I just needed to know, do I head north or stay home. I called Jack and asked if he would go by the owners home the next morning to see what was going on. I was concerned it may be gone and wanted him to verify either way.

Jack called me the next morning….there had been a storm, but he could see that the Bush Hog was still there….to say the least, I was greatly relieved! Later that morning, I was able to get in touch with the owner. During the storm, they had lost their electricity and their phone service. He had just gotten it hooked back up when I called. I explained to him that I had not left since I could not get hold of him. I had already talked to Jack and he was willing to go pick it up, get my check, and pay him cash for me. (I have to say Jack is a great guy and a mentor of mine on these Bush Hogs!!) With Jacks help, the D4-10 was picked up and he held it for me till I was able to make it up there the next week. Jack was able to confirm hidden inside the rear wheels, was a nice set of red wheel weights. After much help on the GT Bush hog forum site and Daniel, it was determined that they were rare original Bush Hog weights!! What I great bonus to the deal!!

Jack took me by the owner's house for me to meet and thank him in person. He had been offered more, but a deal is a deal and he held it for me to come get it. For that I will always be grateful! It is the nicest Bush Hog I own, and my pride and joy!

The story on the Bush Hog AE-40 aerator came at another time, again with the help of another fellow GT Talk member (New Restorer). Don sent me a private message with a link to the craigslist ad. The price was a little high, but I knew it would be hard to find another one so I better jump on this one before it was gone. The owner still had it and I explained I was heading out of town and would not be back till the middle of the week. Would he be willing to hold it till then?? I would send payment, etc what ever it took to get it held. It was a little hard to negotiate price when you are asking him to hold it…..he would not say he would hold it….but he said he was heading out of town and would not be back till then, and he doubted it would get sold in the mean time……I told him I would call him on Wednesday and if he still had it, I would pick it up on my way home. Wednesday could not get there soon enough to make the call. Yes he still had it and he would hold it till I came by the next day. When I arrived, I saw that it had been garaged its whole life. It may be one of the best examples of an original Bush Hog aerator out there. He had bought it new and kept it all these years. He never owned a Bush Hog GT…..just this one implement. It is a great addition to my Bush Hog collection and I look forward to using it to aerate my yard.

The Bush Hog Dump trailer DT-1 was another craigslist find in North Carolina. Daniel told me he has only seen one other Bush Hog cart besides this one. When I went to pick it up, I asked the seller if she knew the history on the cart. She said the son of the owner had told her that his dad had never owned a bush hog garden tractor so he was not sure where the cart came from. He guessed that his dad had taken it on a trade at some point. Interesting enough both the cart and the aerator were found about 60 miles apart.

Finding and collecting these Bush Hog GT's has been great fun! The people I have met along the way have made the experience that much more enjoyable! Big thanks to Daniel, George, George Sr, Jack, Brian, Bobby, Al, Dick, Titus, Kenny, Bob, and Don for all your help along the way!

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