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I bought a Cub Cadet 1862 last spring on a breakneck, get it before the other guy gets it kind of deal. Actually, my wife bought it. I was an hour away from home at work, and wouldn't be off for three more hours. The guy was asking less than $200, so I sent her over to buy it sight unseen... She was first there though another guy arrived 5 minutes later. It came with a #41 mower, and seemed to run okay. The mower bearings are noisy and will get rebuilt this winter.

I've used it for some mowing, primarily... it had a 3ph at one time, but only the rock shaft and lift arm brackets remain.

Since I hadn't checked it out before buying it, I've discovered several areas that I need to correct.

I noticed a small oil puddle on the pavement last time I ran it--3-4 weeks ago. It came out on the right hand side at the front of the engine, but I couldn't tell where it started. I was worried it was a bad seal or head gasket, but didn't have time to run it to ground.

I decided to winterize it Saturday--new air filter, oil and filter change, treat fuel with Sea Foam, and run Sea Foam through the carb (the latter provided as a public service to my neighbors... the resulting cloud of dense white smoke ensures we won't have any mosquitoes for the rest of the year!!)

I saved the oil change for last as I wanted to know where it was leaking. I looked through the grill area, and saw a couple of steel lines coming from the side of the block that were dripping oil... didn't know at the time that they were for the remote mount oil filter... Anyway, tried to snug them without removing the exhaust heat shield, but no luck.

So, I removed the side panel--which is bolted on since the original tabs have broken off, started to remove the tin over the cylinder head, and decided to take the heat shield off.

It wasn't the oil lines... it was the oil pressure sensor... fortunately I had a used one left over from when I put an oil gage on my HT23. It screwed right in, and the electrical connector slipped on--PROBLEM SOLVED!!

It's nice when the problems aren't as serious as you first feared...

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