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I'm sure all of you have seen pistons installed in and engine at one time or another so I'm not going to bother with taking photos of that.
So, with the pistons all in and everything tightened down, it's time to start putting the engine back together starting with the timing gear cover.

I haven't paid much attention to that part and as soon as I picked it up, I knew that I had another problem. That boss on the inside with the hole in it is suppose to hold the spring loaded plunger that rides against the end of the camshaft to keep it from sliding forward.
Automotive tire Rim Tool Bumper Wood

This is what that plunger looks like and I realize now that there wasn't one in there when I pulled the cover off.
A new timing gear has been put on this engine at one time and they forgot to put the plunger back in when they put the cover back on.
I can order one at $3.99 for the plunger and $12.76 for shipping and I wouldn't get it until Tuesday - at the earliest.
Naturally, this style of plunger is very old technology and the instructions for it says to be sure to grease it really good or it will make a nasty noise when you first start the engine.
Electronic device Font Cylinder Metal Auto part

Now days, there would be a hardened ball that would ride against the end of the cam with the spring putting pressure on it.
So I decided to up-date this old engine and I came up with a 5/8 diameter ball bearing and a spring just the right size.
Finger Thumb Art Nail Metal

There is already a chamfered hole in the center of the camshaft for the ball to ride on.
You can see here how good a condition the fiber cam gear is and you can tell that it has been changed because there are marks on the left side of the nut where they used a hammer and chisel to tighten the nut.
Tire Automotive tire Plant Wheel Crankset

With the spring and ball set into the cover, I held it up to the engine and you can see that there is about a 3/16 wide gap for compressing the spring.
That should be just the right amount of pressure on the camshaft.
Automotive tire Auto part Engineering Gear Gas

The rope seal is fit into the cover and it is bolted on.
This leaves quite a bit of the rope seal sticking up that needs to be trimmed off.
Automotive tire Machine tool Rim Wood Gas

The ends of the rope seal need to be trimmed off so you leave a little of it sticking out, both on this cover and on the oil pan, so the ends will be compressed together when the pan is bolted on.
I use a washer that is about .100 thick and I've trimmed it to form a U-shape.
Gesture Finger Thumb Wood Circle

This is placed around the rope seal and then the ends can be trimmed off evenly with a razor blade.
Automotive tire Rim Motor vehicle Gas Automotive wheel system

This leaves a nice even amount of the rope seal sticking out.
A light coating of grease is spread on the pulley shaft so there isn't a dry surface rubbing against the rope seal.
Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Gas Composite material

The rope seal on the oil pan is trimmed the same way and the pan is bolted onto the block.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood

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I was in Walmart this morning and they had a " dark " hunter green paint.
This is a much closer match to the original Ford model-A engine color.
Motor vehicle Cylinder Gas Automotive wheel system Machine

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Here it is.
A 1965 Chevy truck transmission with granny gear and power takeoff, mated to a 1931 Ford model-A engine.
Tomorrow the yard art comes into the garage so I can start working on it.
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Hauled the tractor into the garage today.
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Car Vehicle

Then I put it up on stands to make it easier to work on and stripped it down to the frame and axles.
Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Gas

Here is the pile of parts that were removed. Some of them will be re-used and some of them will not.
Wheel Wood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive wheel system

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Both rear wheels were locked up on the tractor. Today I cut the drive chains off and removed the model-T rear axle.
Wheel Automotive tire Wood Tire Tartan

Here is the rear axle on the lift cart. It turns freely when I turn the driveshaft and the pinion gears inside work properly when I hold one axle or the other while turning the drive shaft.
Wood Gas Art Machine Grass

I was very pleased to find out that both rear hubs spin freely. It was the rusted drive chains that had everything locked up.
Automotive tire Wood Floor Gas Flooring

The front axle is removed from the frame.
Wood Flooring Floor Stool Gas

The steering arms and the axle spindles are removed. I can tell right now that this axle will not support the weight of the model-A engine.
Tool Wood Bumper Gas Composite material

The back of the axle has a bar welded to it to keep the axle from moving forward or backward.
This part would probably work fine but I would feel much more comfortable with longer radius arms on each side that are mounted farther back on the frame. So I'm going to change that.
Wood Gas Composite material Bumper Metal

The size of the webbing of the axle is strong enough but there a weak area right in the center where the hole goes thru for the mounting bolt.
This area definitely needs to be beefed up.
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Is that a homemade chassis? Can't remember now if you said it was.
The frame is off a Ford model-T with the boxed part at the back that the hubs are bolted to added to it.
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A pair of soup cans make Interesting hub caps on the rear hubs. I will probably have to use the same thing, just ones that are in a little better shape.
Hand Wood Artifact Finger Art

Removed the rear drums today and the bearings look to be in good condition.
Automotive tire Wood Bumper Motor vehicle Gas

I was surprised to find that both sides still have the complete brake assemblies and they are also in good condition.
Automotive tire Vehicle brake Locking hubs Rim Motor vehicle

This is the backing plate and axle with the brakes removed.
Wood Gas Machine Metal Auto part

And one of the brake assemblies.
Automotive tire Road surface Grey Floor Wood

When I first got this tractor, I thought that they may have used a pair of front hubs off a car and bolted them onto the back. And that is what they did. These are front hubs off a car from the early 1930's with mechanical brakes.
Art Gas Artifact Metal Font

These were positioned on the tractor with the brake lever behind the frame so the operator could work them by hand.
Automotive tire Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part

If I switch these hubs to the opposite side, then the brake lever would be in front of the frame and I could hook up linkage to a brake pedal.
Automotive tire Wood Gas Automotive wheel system Rim

Wood Automotive tire Table Tire Floor

At this point, the frame is stripped all the way down as far as it can go.
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Wood Mode of transport

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I used my air grinder to clean as much of the rust off the frame as I could. Then I sprayed the frame with Eastwood Fast Etch and used a wire brush to work the liquid into all the corners and pitted areas.
Here is the frame after the Fast Etch has dried.
Wood Composite material Gas Metal Steel

I'm reinforcing the frame with a piece of 1-1/2 inch angle iron welded to each side.
Wood Gas Engineering Composite material Machine

The angle iron is 1/4 inch thick wall and it extends all the way to the back of the frame.
Automotive tire Wood Grey Vehicle Road surface

The frame is now primed with Rustoleum red primer.
Wood Gas Natural material Hardwood Outdoor furniture

All the brackets and steel bars on this tractor have been cut with a torch so I'm cutting them on the saw to get the ends smooth.
Wood Machine tool Tool Composite material Gas

The corners have been rounded on these parts and they are ready for primer.
Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Grass Gas Road surface

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Getting ready to start putting pieces back together and get it up on wheels and tires. To do that, I need a set of wheel adapters for both the front and rear wheels. The front isn't a problem. I'll be going from 65 Ford mustang, 4-bolt hubs to 5-bolt wheels and I've already bought a set of adapters for them.

The back is a different story. The hubs are early GM 6-bolt on 5-1/2 inch centers and the wheels are tractor 6-bolt on 6 inch centers. I quickly discovered that they make 6-bolt on 5-1/2 centers to 6-bolt on 6-1/2 centers but no one makes an adapter for 6-bolt on 6 inch centers. There are companies that will custom make adapters but that is really expensive.

So .. I'm going to make my own adapters. My son got me a pair of 7-1/2 inch by 2 inch thick pieces of aluminum.
Here I'm cutting the center out with a hole saw.
Cylinder Engineering Gas Automotive tire Auto part

I put the pieces on the lathe and finished bored the holes to the same size. Then I turned down two pieces of wood to fit into the holes.
Wood Electrical tape Circle Plywood Automotive wheel system

A larger piece of wood is attached to one of them and it is turned down to fit the opening in the wheel.
Automotive tire Wheel Rim Helmet Circle

This centers the aluminum ring to the wheel.
Automotive tire Rim Gas Automotive wheel system Wire

The wheel is turned over and the first hole is marked on the adapter ring with a center punch.
Water Plumbing fixture Automotive tire Fluid Tap

A small hole is drilled thru the ring at this point. The lug holes on the wheel are 3 inches apart so I turn the ring over and make a mark 1-1/2 inch over from the small drilled hole. This is to locate the holes for GM bolt pattern half way between the holes for the tractor wheel pattern.
Helmet Wood Circle Artifact Fashion accessory

The other wood block is turned down to fit the center in the GM wheel and the first hole is marked with the center punch.
Automotive tire Wood Gas Rim Circle

This hole is drilled out to 7-16 inch ( the size of the GM wheel studs ) .
Gas Fluid Auto part Automotive wheel system Metal

A 7/16 inch bolt and a lug nut is used to locate the ring to the GM wheel and the other 5 holes are marked with the center punch.
Wheel Automotive tire Tire Rim Wood

They are all drilled out to finish size and the ring is test fit onto the GM hub. The adapter is ready to have the counterbores drilled into it on this side to get to the lug nuts that will hold the adapter onto the GM hub.
Automotive tire Gas Automotive wheel system Circle Machine

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I have ordered lug studs for the wheel adapters so I can't go any further on them until they arrive.
The rear hubs and backing plates were sand blasted and primed today.
Table Wood Headgear Floor Flooring

Automotive tire Helmet Wood Automotive wheel system Rim

Some of the bolts holding the backing plates and axles onto the frame were rusted really bad so I'm using all new mounting bolts.
Stool Bar stool Wood Automotive tire Floor

For some reason, the lower part of the steel channel that the rear axles bolt to are angled out at the bottom.
Wood Road surface Flooring Wood stain Floor

So the upper two spacers are a little thicker than the lower spacers so the axle will be level.
Wood Road surface Flooring Floor Gas

The backing plates and axles are set in place and the four spacers for the brake hardware are slid onto the bolts.
Helmet Automotive lighting Wood Headgear Motor vehicle

Then the brake assembly is put on and everything is tightened down.
Wood Wheel Bicycle part Automotive tire Floor

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Cleaned and greased the bearings and mounted the hubs today.
Automotive tire Gear Bicycle part Wood Rim

Then I turned the frame over to work on putting the bracing back on.
Wheel Tartan Automotive tire Wood Motor vehicle

Initially, the pieces of angle iron that the front of the braces were bolted to were fastened to the outside of the frame with a spacer block between them and the bracing bar.
Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Agricultural machinery Grass

I cut a notch in the piece of angle iron so they fit around the frame and bolt directly to the bracing bar. The angle iron is then welded to the frame.
Automotive tire Wood Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

More views of the rear bracing bars.
Wheel Tire Plant Automotive tire Wood

Automotive tire Wheel Wood Motor vehicle Gas

Time to work on the front axle. .......
First thing is to cut that rear brace off.
Composite material Bicycle part Metal Auto part Aluminium

Then spend some quality time in the sand blasting cabinet.
Wood Triangle Bumper Grille Automotive exterior

And finally put some primer on it right away before it starts to rust again.
Now I need to figure out how I'm going to add bracing to it and what I'm going to use to do that.
Table Product Triangle Wood Rectangle

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I have a piece of 1-3/8 inch solid square steel bar that is bent at 90 degrees. I set it up against the underside of the axle and there was a 1-1/2 inch gap between the ends of the square bar and the axle.

I set the square bar in the press and heated up the center so I could push it down and spread the ends out to fit the lesser angle of the axle.
Wheel Automotive tire Tire Bumper Wood

After sandblasting and trimming the ends off, the square bar is welded to the underside of the axle for extra support.
Wood Triangle Bumper Automotive exterior Hardwood

The support bar is finished off with gusset plates welded in place and then primed.
This is the front.
Wood Outdoor furniture Grass Hardwood Wood stain

And the back.
The tabs at the ends of the the support bar are where the radius arms will attach to it.
Wood Road surface Grass Triangle Plant

The cross piece to mount the axle to is bolted back into the front of the frame. this is only held in place with four 5/16 bolts so I also welded it to the inside of the frame.
Wood Sports equipment Automotive exterior Knife Bumper

Setting the front axle in place.
Wheel Wood Tire Mode of transport Art

Originally, this only had the axle pivot bolt going thru the single mounting plate with a second pivot bolt to hold the rear brace in place.
I have added a second mounting plate so the axle is supported between them.
Here I have chained the frame down to the wood block and I'm using a jack to lift up on the pivot bolt.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bicycle tire Wood Bicycle frame

This tilts the axle forward to put some camber in it.
Automotive tire Building Wood Floor Flooring

The rear mounting plate is welded in place and a nut is welded to it that the pivot bolt threads thru. Then a lock nut will be tightened down on the bolt so it doesn't move and the axle will pivot on it.
Automotive tire Purple Wood Bumper Motor vehicle

Everything is cleaned up and primed.
Purple Wood Bumper Fender Gas

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......... BOY DID I SCREW UP. .........
As soon as I realized it, I knew that I should have known better right from the start.

I'll explain the screw up but first .. the front axle is mounted in place. With the amount of side to side travel that this axle has, this tractor should be able to go over some extremely rough ground.
Wood Floor Flooring City Machine

I used a grade-5 bolt for the pivot mount and it is drilled and taped for a grease fitting.
Automotive tire Stairs Wood Rim Automotive exterior

Now the screw up. .......
The technology that I was going to use for making the radius arms is something that I, and thousands of other people, have used on thousands of hotrods over the years with the straight front axles. They remove the 3-point - wishbone radius rad and make individual radius arms that fit on the sides of the frame.

I had intended to use these old home made radius arms, that I had picked up at a swap meet a life time ago, to keep the axle from moving forward or backward.
Wood Auto part Pipe Metal Tool

I cleaned them up and added another steel strip to the front on each one to form a U-shape mount. These are drilled and tapped for 3/8 shoulder bolts.
Tool Wood Composite material Nickel Event

This is how I intended to mount them on the frame.
The problem is that the mounting point on the axle is too far away from the axle pivot point. When the axle is rocked over to the side, this causes the mount on the frame to want to slide forward or backward about 1-1/2 inches.
Even if I raise the mount up on the frame, it still doesn't work because the radius arms are just too far from the axle pivot point.
Wood Automotive tire Wheel Gas Machine

The reason this style of radius arms ( one on each side ) works on the cars is because the arms are mounted close to the same plane as the pivot point of the axle and wheels.
With the center pivot point of the axle being so much higher then the wheels, I have to use a 3-point - wishbone style of radius arm ... just like whoever built this tractor in the first place used !

Oh well ... the day wasn't a total loss because I now have a nice clean pair of radius arms that are ready to be used on some other project.

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I have a pair of arms similar to those, just a bit shorter.

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This is the piece of channel iron that fits across the two frame rails that the bracket for the radius arm will fasten too.
One side of the channel has been cut off with a torch so I put it on the mill to smooth that edge down.
Wood Gas Machine tool Engineering Machine

It is then bolted onto the underside of the frame rails.
Wood Wood stain Hardwood Natural material Metal

This is the bracket that will bolt to the center of the channel and the pivot bolt for the radius arm will thread into it.
You can see the white lines where I will cut the ends off at an angle to make it look cleaner.
Road surface Triangle Wood Automotive exterior Asphalt

This is the wish bone radius arm that I cut off the axle.
Wood Road surface Composite material Insect Concrete

The arm is sand blasted and the rough welds have been smoothed down.
Wood Outdoor furniture Grass Groundcover Lawn

The center of the radius arm is bolted onto the mounting bracket.
Automotive tire Wood Bicycle part Rim Line

The outside ends of the radius arm has brackets welded to it so they can be bolted to the mounting tabs on the axle.
This radius arm also maintains the high clearance in the center.
Wood Gas Automotive wheel system Machine Auto part

Now the axle is supported so it can't move forward or backward but can still swing from side to side for going over rough ground.
Wood Floor Bicycle part Flooring Hardwood

Wood Gas Automotive tire Auto part Automotive wheel system

The pivot bolt for the radius arm has a lock nut on the back side to hold it in place and keep it from rotating, just like the pivot bolt on the axle.
Wood Automotive wheel system Engineering Beam Bumper
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