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I made up adjusting brackets for positioning the rear axle. There is a block of steel welded to the end of the axle mounting bracket. This steel block has a counterbore drilled into it that the cone shaped head of the adjusting bolt fits into.
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With the chains on, the adjusting bolts are screwed out to push the axle back and take the slack out of the chains.
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Getting an idea of where the chain guards will sit.
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You may remember that the spread of the sprockets on the axle was a little narrower than the sprockets on the hubs. The sprockets are held onto the axle shafts with a solid dowel pin. I have removed the sprockets and the solid pins.
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The hole the pin was in is tapped with a 5/16-18 thread. The axle sprocket is moved out to line up with the hub sprocket . A 1 inch long set screw is threaded into the hole until the end of the set screw is flush with the end of the axle shaft.
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The center of the axle shaft has been tapped for a 3/8 bolt that holds a washer that covers over the end of part of the set screw so it can't accidentally come out.
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The chain is put back on and wood blocks are taped to it for the chain guard to sit on.
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The first mounting bracket is bolted to the side of the frame and welded to the chain guard.
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A tapping guide block is clamped to the side of the frame to make sure that the mounting holes are threaded in straight.
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The rear mounting bracket is bolted onto the frame and welded to the chain guard.
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This shows the clearance on the inside.
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Ready to start on the cultivator frame. This was built using the frame rails from a Ford model-T. The tractor would straddle the crop to till the ground on either side of it so there is a curved piece of steel on the back to clear the crop as the tractor is driven down the row. There is an outrigger frame on each side with a cultivator mounted on it to till the ground after the rear tires roll over it.

This whole frame was raised and lowered by the long handle mounted on the right side of the tractor frame. I have been impressed with the engineering and the quality of the construction by the original owner but the cultivator lift system on this did not impress me. It was designed so the lever had to be pushed forward to lift the frame up.

It is very hard to lift the weight by pushing the lever forward. It works much better if you can pull back on the lever to lift the weight so you can brace yourself with your feet. The lift system will be completely re-designed.
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I'm using my die cart to lift the cultivator frame up to make it easier to start taking it apart. There are four cultivators mounted on the front of the frame and the two mounted behind the rear wheels.
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Everything is rusted solid so the nuts have to be heated up so they can be removed.
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Here are all the pieces.
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The two frame rails are cleaned up with an air powered grinding discs and a wire brush attachment.
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I put them outside and sprayed them down with a liquid rust treatment. This leaves a dark finish on the metal after it has dried.
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The other parts were small enough to fit into the sand blast cabinet.
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After the parts are primed, I started putting them back together.
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Here is the finished frame ( minus the two inside front cultivators ).
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It is ready to have the tractor rolled back over it so I can start to figure out how to build the lift system.
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When I added the flat belt pulley assembly to the back of the tractor, I knew that I would have to lengthen the cultivator frame so that the arch support on the back of it would clear the pulley housing. Before I could do that, I had to assemble the cultivator frame as is and set it under the tractor in order to be able to tell how much it needed to be lengthened.

I have the cultivator frame sitting so the arch support will clear the pulley housing. In this position, the rear cultivators are positioned far back from the rear wheels and would not fallow in the tire track on a tight turn.
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The front mount for the cultivator frame needs to come forward to about where the blue tape is on the side of the tractor frame. This would move the rear cultivators forward to their original position in relation to the rear tires.
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The cultivator frame is clamped down to the platform of the die cart and the rear cultivators and the arch support are removed. The mounting tabs for the arch support will be cut off the frame rails.
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Luckily, whoever built this tractor used several pieces from another model-T frame for the supports in this frame.
This is a photo of the original tractor frame. I used the two cross pieces on the right to extend the tractor frame back and mount the rear axle on them.
I'm going to use part of the other two pieces that are sitting at an angle and holding the original transmission in place.
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Here are those two frame pieces. They are both tapered about 1/2 inch from end to end so I will be cutting a section off each of them so they match.
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The frame needs to be extended out 7 inches. I cut the the extensions pieces at 11 inches so there is 3 inches of the frame extension that fits inside the end of original frame rails.
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With the frame extensions welded in place, I bolted the rear cultivators back on and used a piece of angle to clamp across them to hold them in line. Then I welded the mounting brackets for the arch support to the ends of the frame rails.
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Now the front of the cultivator frame is sitting forward where it belongs.
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This puts the rear cultivators closer to the tires and still leaves about 1-1/2 inch clearance between the arch support and the pulley housing.
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There is plenty of room to raise the cultivators off the ground and still have good clearance around the flat belt pulley.
I figure that when I'm using the flat belt pulley, I would most likely drop the cultivators down to the ground so that clearance would not be an issue anyway. Still, it's good to have it so the rear cultivator doesn't hit against the pulley while the tractor is being driven around.
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This is the lift assembly off a garden tractor. I have no idea what tractor it came from.
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The only parts that I'm interested in are the four angle lift brackets.
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Four mounting brackets are made up and bolted to the side of the tractor frame, two on the front and two on the back. Then a 3/4 inch steel rod is slid in place between them.
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The angle lift brackets are slid onto the 3/4 rods.
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This gives me a lifting bracket on each corner of the frame.
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The cultivator frame is raised up to its maximum height and set on blocks of wood.
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This lifts the cultivators up a little more than 5 inches off the ground.
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With the cultivator frame raised up, there is still plenty of room around the flat belt pulley.
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When the cultivator frame is raised up, the the angled support bracket on the front swings up and this moves the frame back about 3 inches.
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This increases the clearance between the rear arch support and the pulley housing.
This also maintains the clearance between the rear cultivators and the rear tires as the cultivators move up and back to fallow the curve of the tire.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wood Gas Engineering

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Lifting brackets are bolted to the top of the cultivator frame and strap hangers are fastened to them and the lifting arms up on the tractor frame.
This is the front lifting arm assembly and the angled lifting arms are fastened solid to the cross shaft.
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this lever sticking up above the tractor frame is what the operating lever will be attached to for raising and lowering the cultivator frame.
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These are the two rear lifting arms.
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The two lifting arms on the rear are not fastened to the cross shaft. They each can rotate independently on the cross shaft. They are held in place by a round collar that is clamped to the cross shaft on either side of the lifting arms.
Each of these two arms will be operated by a rod coming back from the front lifting arm on each side. Because these two arms can vary in their movement, this will keep the lifting assembly from binding as it is being raised and lowered.
Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire Alloy wheel

This is one of the operating rods that will fit between the two lifting arms on one side of the frame.
Because it will operate in a pushing motion instead of a pulling motion, it is made out of a piece of 5/8 diameter solid steel rod.
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The two rods for operating the rear lifting arms are mounted in place.
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I have lifted the back of the cultivator frame up and it is resting on just one jack stand. The lifting arm assembly keeps all four corners of the frame up at the same level.
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With this finished. it has gained 3/4 inch of clearance.
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The whole cultivator frame assemble only weighs 70 pounds.
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Got to thinking about how to control the depth of the cultivators. The lift control lever for raising and lowering it will have notches to hold the lever in different positions but I didn't like the idea of the digging force being put on the all the different parts of the lift assembly.
So I decided to put a chain depth guide on each of the four corners.
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The chain slips into a slot on the upper bracket. By setting the different links into the slot, the depth can be lowered in one inch increments down to four inches deep. Having a depth chain on each corner will keep the cultivator frame level at whatever depth it is set to.
Instead of having the lift control lever lock into a notch when the cultivators are lowered, I'll make it so it floats in that position and the four chains will control the depth.
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My daughter came down to visit this weekend and she brought the buggy seat with her.
There is a rotted out area on one corner of the wooden base so I have removed the whole thing.
Wood Gas Flooring Hardwood Comfort

The edges of the rest of the wood frame looks to be in mostly good condition.
Wood Floor Automotive exterior Gas Wood stain

There is a little rot on this back corner which will have to be repaired.
Wood Wood stain Gas Hardwood Tints and shades

Here is the matching corner on the wood base that is rotted out bad. I'm going to replace the whole base board.
Wood Road surface Gas Electric blue Metal

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The rotted wood is trimmed out around the corner and pieces of thin cardboard are taped to the inside and outside of the wood frame. Then pieces of wood are clamped in place to support the cardboard.
The area is filled with a mixture of fiberglass resin mixed with sawdust.
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Once that has hardened, it is smoothed down.
Wood Gas Composite material Plywood Metal

Wood Paint Rectangle Gas Tints and shades

The new wood bottom panel is glued in place and fastened with screws at the corners.
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Vehicle Motor vehicle Gas Trunk Car seat

The padded seat bottom is re-installed.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Car seat Tints and shades Auto part

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Making the upright mounting brackets for the seat.
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Here is the finished seat mount.
Motor vehicle Gas Auto part Automotive wheel system Machine

The seat is bolted down. I plan on making it so there will be an enclosed storage area under the seat but that will be done a little later.
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Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Gas Hood

This is the underside of the floor pan for the driver's side.
Wheel Motor vehicle Tire Automotive tire Tread

This bolts onto the frame in front of the seat.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas Bumper

Tack welding the side panel for the fender guard to the floor plate.
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design

Welding a narrow strip of steel to the side panel to form a small fender.
Wood Gas Engineering Machine Composite material

The finished fender guard is just enough to keep someone from getting their shoes or pants leg snagged by the tire.
Automotive tire Bumper Motor vehicle Wood Alloy wheel

I rolled the outer edge of the fender over just a little.
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wood Bumper

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I'm glad that when I build something that I make it so it can be taken apart again.
I noticed today that the rear axle has some oil seepage coming out of the joint between the two halves.
So I took the axle apart and cleaned it up. There was no gasket or sealant between the two housings.
Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Automotive wheel system

The outer axle shaft seals are held in place by a steel cup that fits tightly over the housing. Using a gear puller, I hold one side of it and hit up on the underside of the other side. Then I rotate the housing 180 degrees and do the same thing again.
Wood Gas Auto part Nut Metal

I keep doing that until the cup comes off.
Gas Bicycle part Nut Automotive tire Machine

These are parts to the oil seal. Two steel washers with a fiber washer sandwiched in between them. The fiber seal just fits snugly on the axle shaft to keep the oil from leaking out.
Automotive tire Font Gas Tire Circle

Quite some time ago I bought some new model-T parts and among those parts I have a set of the after market rear axle seals. These have a cone shape seal that fits around the axle shaft and a spring washer the keeps pressure around the cone.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Road surface Rim

I also had a new brass thrust washer that replaces the original babbitt thrust washer on the outside of the ring gear.
The axle housing is re-assembled with RTV sealant on the joints. Once the RTV dries, I'll trim off the excess that has oozed out.
The replacement oil seals are installed on the ends.
Gas Nut Machine Cylinder Auto part

And the sprockets are put back on.
Purple Cylinder Wood Machine tool Gas

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Generally, I like to have at least all the major pieces before I start on a project. In this case though I didn't have a seat and hadn't even located one yet when I first started building this tractor.
I knew what kind of seat I wanted though and had a rough idea of where it would be located on the tractor.

That is why I have held off on mounting the shifter lever on the transmission until after I had the seat mounted because I only wanted to have to cut and re-bend it one time. I did however go ahead and mount the clutch and brake pedals and the steering column.

So now that the seat is mounted in place, I'm not satisfied with the location of the steering and I've changed it.
The first photo is with the dash moved but the steering in the original position.
The second photo is with the steering moved.

Comparing them you can see that the steering column is raised up about 2 inches at a little higher angle and it is moved back about an inch. You can see that the support coming off the transmission is fastened lower down on the column now.
Also, the other end of that support is moved over more to the center of the transmission for more leg clearance.
It's hard to see but the round steel rod bracket for the spark and throttle controls has been changed to a longer flat steel bracket to keep the control levers close to the steering wheel.

Subtle changes but I've spent most of the day making them. ( and no .. the support bracket does not interfere with the shifter at all. )
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Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive tire
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