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I actually discovered the same tag inside a rim on a Page that I had and kept the picture of the tag for the same reason. I thought it was funny though, as I purchased the tractor from a guy in Qunicy, IL; the same town the the manufacture of the rims were out of.

Keep in mind that the Page branded tractors of this era as well as the Red E branded tractors of this era were built by the same folks in the same factory. At our local Red E reunion show earlier this month, Adam and I were approached by a gentleman that worked at the Red E factory out of high school in the early 60's that cut the steel for the frames and machined the axle shafts. He pretty well confirmed that all of the tractors were manufactured by Red E; for both Red E and Page which was brand new news to us as we thought the other way around. This being said; it wouldn't matter if the tractor was sold as a Page or Red E brand, the tag in the wheel would have had the Red E address on them.

Based on the other info and pictures though, that you've posted of this tractor, there is no doubt in my mind that your tractor is a Red E branded tractor.

Thanks, Rob
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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