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I got a Craftsman sweeper that was set out for the trash about 8 years ago. (no pictures ) It had been used about three (3) times, I talked to the owner and he said it wouldn't work properly. I picked it up along with the manual and parts lidt and took it home. When I got it home I put the wheels in the proper hole for height adjustment and it worked fine for many many years. It picked up most of what I wanted. I wanted it to pick up the pine needles so I drilled another hole so I could lower it a bit more. I also adjusted the brushes down a little and reversed them. It worked great. A couple of years ago I found a Parker Sweeper Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Wood Bumper Automotive exterior
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in the trash at the Township transfer site. I brought it home oiled it up and patched the bin and it also works well. I like it because it is an older one and I like the retro look. Last year my son brought home a Agri-Fab 48" sweeper. Plant Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire
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It still had a year left on the warranty. A customer of his used it so much it wore a hole in the bottom of the bin and wanted a new one....not the bin a new sweeper! I looked it over and patched the bottom and it works the best of any I have had. I can lower it to the lowest point and it will pick up 90% of the pine needles and pine cones. It does an excellent job on leaves. I normally just blow the leaves into the trees and leave them. This year I picked them up and put them in the garden to till in. I am going to give both of my neighbors the other two I have. They both now have Oak trees in their yards that are producing a lot of leaves. Both are older and it would make it easier for both to pick up the leaves rather than raking them. Roger.


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