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  1. Research and purchase M series Kubota in September of 2017.
  2. Works great. Love it.
  3. Off brand, "Made in Korea" battery installed at factory goes bad in 3.5 years.
  4. In response, alternator output goes sky high. No overcharge protection in unit.
  5. Error codes P0605, P0606, P0627, P0629 and others appear.
  6. Purchase and install new, high quality battery ($150) and fully charge it.
  7. Same error codes appear. Won't start.
  8. ECU is fried.
  9. Replace ECU at cost of $2757.29 (invoice attached, if possible).
  10. NOT covered under warrantee.
  11. No aftermarket fix available, according to dealer.
  12. No recall done by Kubota, according to dealer.
  13. Learn of this happening to at least one other person locally.


  1. Do you know of this happening to anyone else? How far back?
  2. Are you aware of any aftermarket fix, so this does not happen again?
  3. How do we get Kubota to pay for it, assuming they should?
  4. Is there a basis for a class action lawsuit here?

Thanks in advance.
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