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I recently purchased a Gilson GT14E Garden tractor. Beautiful machine, needed some electrical work, all easy enough.

Then came installing the mower deck, unfortunately the previous owner didn't know much about the tractor, it was sitting in his shed for years and just wanted it out of the way. The deck came with it but uninstalled, and as I figured my way through connecting the pins and such to attach it, as I was trying to connect the PTO engage lever I realized there must be a piece missing.

Trouble is, I can't for the life of me figure out how it's supposed to go, and I can't seem to find a manual for this thing anywhere. I'm also looking for the size of the belt that connects to the PTO, I wrapped a rope around it and it came out to about 48 inches but it's hard to tell.

Hopefully somebody can help me figure this out! I'm also missing I believe some bolts for the lift lever. If I knew what it looked like, I could possibly order the parts or make them up myself as I'm comfortable with welding and fabricating.

I have attached some pictures of the linkage in question and also a picture of the parts SN on the deck in hopes someone here has seen this deck before! Thank you for any help, I'd love to get this thing out to my cabin chewing up some grass.


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