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The smaller Predator engines are really good. The carb and fuel shut off can start leaking after a while. The cheap rubber O-Rings don't hold up as well as the OEM Honda ones do. The fuel shut-off can be replaced with an OEM honda GX200 fuel shutoff. The Huayi brand carb on the Predator can be replaced with an OEM Keihin that the Honda GX200 uses but you will have to swap over the main jet.

If you get a predator with a finicky idle and slow governor recovery, replacing the Huayi brand carb with a Keihin carb will give much better throttle and governor recovery/response. Some predators run a bit lean rite out of the box. Has something to do with the idle circuit being a bit restrictive on the clone carbs.

All newer Honda clone engines are slightly different internally because of the Copyright Lawsuit that Honda filed and won years ago. The Honda GX200 has 68mm bore and a 54mm stroke. Predator 212 has a 70mm Bore and 55mm Stroke.

The 670 predator engines are pretty troublesome. Hard starting is Mostly due to Carb issues and heavy oil consumption and leaking due to PCV valve issues. But they are also known to have ignition issues caused by dead coils and flywheel magnets loosing magnetism. And the occasional starter issues. Best to stay away from the 670.
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