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I don't even have my repower finished yet and I'm buying accessories allready! Won the perfect Ebay auction for me last week. Went and picked them up today. Got a model 620 and model 720 thrower. Couldn't have been more fitting for the tractors I have. Picks to follow maybe tomorrow. Both are mostly there. Only thing I can see missing from the 620 is the belt shield for over the engine which with my repower probably wouldn't fit anyway so I'll have to come up with a custom cover. The 720 from the manuals section looks to be a later model and the only things I see missing from it are the lift assist springs which aren't a huge deal. They both need some TLC but both spin over and are basically just surface rusty.

Serial numbers are:

720- 1458 104 041
620- 1458 003 417

Got the pair for $85. I'm not an expert on Massey's but I think that's a pretty good deal.
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