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Jacobsen Olympic - Back From The Grave

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I was looking over and photographing some lawn tractors that belong to a friend. I almost stepped on this one, since it was just about part of the world around it. But it struck me when I saw it. You know, "love at first sight." Or maybe, "only a face a mother could love." Anyway, I was curious about this little Jacobsen. So, I went home and looked around on the Internet. Try finding Jacobsen Olympic on the Internet. You'll find everything but a lawn tractor. But it is a Jacobsen Olympic 530 lawn tractor. I think it has a mower deck buried under it, and there's an engine hiding under that "seat". Well my friend gave this tractor to me, when I expressed an interest. At least I think he's a friend. Maybe not. Regardless, I think I'll have fun trying to bring this little Jacobsen back to life, even if it's not pretty. You think I could convince the powers to be to recreate the decals for this little sweetie? Nah.
I'll post some more pics when I get it dug out and cleaned off. Oh, I did manage to find an owner's manual on eBay for this little treasure. That alone, amazed me.

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Looks like a fun project. Just don't let it take too big of a bite out of the lawn! Good luck!
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