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last year I had my first lawn tractor. Previous owner said, the idler assembly was missing when he had gotten it, and that he had made a custom one using photos from the internet.
It was working a few weeks then last weekend the double pulley bearing shot. I can most likely fix it, but on the long term I would be on the safer side with factory parts.
So I looked into documentation and I can see there were 2 versions of 38" decks and that I have the early one. on this link you can see the difference: John Deere decks by crigby
I have the early one and parts are seldom available on ebay for it, how ever the later one is very easy to find and cheap.
My question is, would it be possible to convert early version to later version only replacing the idler pulley bracket? Is the shell of the decks are the same?
Anyone has done this or any similar conversion project?

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