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Does anybody have any experience with a 2 cyl horizontal 20hp Kawasaki engine??
I have an opportunity to purchase a bunton rear engine rider, it is an older machine
and has a fz790d engine in it, that was rebuilt not long ago. the own says that it needs an igniter which i looked up and is a coil for the unit. I was wondering if they are a good engine I want to re-power my 165o with it. I need to know how the igintion on this unit works I am thinking about changing it up to electronic igniton If anybody wants to replace their old points system here is a couple great website with information
Ignition Solutions for Small Engines and Garden Pulling Tractors
Tecumseh Solid State Ignitions Replacement
Electronic Ignition Overview

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ErnRemy said:
Thanks for the link, that's a good one.

Back when I worked for the landscaper there were 3 larger Kawasaki engines there,

a 420 vert. single, pull start.
a 540 vert. single, failed due to lack of oil in crankcase, operator error.
And a Vtwin 680 vert. mounted on a Ferris Zero turn mower, pushed hard all the time.

All theses engines were good ones, smooth, powerful for what they were on and predictable.
The one that failed the guy running the crew that machine was on never checked the oil in anything, it lasted 1 cutting season with him and the start of the next season when I serviced all the stuff found out then motor N/G any more. All the other mowers he had were 2 strokes.
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