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I thought I would wing one of these. I cut a lot of kindling using my wood scraps from projects. I watched a few of these on YouTube and gathered a few ideas.
I’m using some things I already have. The top ring I cut from a section of an old refrigerant tank. The four posts are some 1/4” flat stock and of coarse the bottom from an old brake rotor.
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Wood
Automotive tire Wood Tool Gas Kitchen utensil

The blade is also a piece of 1/4” flat stock. I trimmed one side of some 3/4” angle iron so it creates a wedge at the bottom of the blade.
Road surface Wood Automotive tire Font Art

Brown Road surface Rectangle Wood Grey
Rectangle Wood Road surface Table Asphalt
Black Grey Bumper Wood Automotive exterior

I’m really pleased with it nice and solid and functional.
Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Wood Gas
Bicycle tire Automotive tire Tire Bicycle part Rim

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Looks like it does a nice job - thanks for sharing the idea.
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