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Need a bit of info/input.

The HDT needs a new control valve, and in looking at the part numbers, I found out that the valve on the HT23 series has a different part number than the other 2-cyl LFs.

I looked at the LF Service Manual, and see that they do treat the 2 valves separately when they talk about disassembly and repair (Pages 6-6 and 6-7).

I'm assuming that the two are not interchangeable and that I will need to find an H23 series valve as opposed to the other valve.

Anyone here have any experience in using the 'incorrect' valve on LFs?

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I don't know?
What could the difference be?
They must have sourced it from a different manufacturer.
The hydro pressure didn't change.
The source didn't change.
The fluid didn't change
The number of ports and system capacity didn't change?
Maybe the mounting holes are different?
Or, the fitting sizes are different?

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