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A longtime Case and Massey Ferguson Dealership is having their going out of business sale this weekend. I tried to save some of the local history so I bought every book related to GT's that were there. Therefore I have ended up with a manual for most if not all Case and MF GT's produced lol and not to mention their attachments. It was a good, but also sad day for all. Tomorrow they will be selling many NOS attachments for Case GT's including a 46" deck and a 42" blade, also a NOS 3pt hitch and multiple NOS integral hitches. There is also a 48" snowblower and a sickle bar mower. I don't think my wallet will allow me to purchase these items however lol.

Some of the things I purchased in the last two days

Tire Light Automotive tire Tread Wheel
Glass bottle Fluid Alcoholic beverage Drink Bottle

Font Gas Publication Wood Plastic
Font Sleeve Pattern Gesture Thumb

Tire Helmet Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood
Hand Automotive lighting Automotive tire Vehicle Finger

Publication Book Book cover Metal Font
Handwriting Rectangle Wood Font Gas

Handwriting Wood Font Gas Audio equipment
Handwriting Wood Font Material property Gas

Purple Font Wood Rectangle Art
Font Rectangle Wood Gas Event

Font Space Wood Art Paper
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Vehicle
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive design Font Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber


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Glad you could save some of the pieces. It is a shame to see the family dealerships closing. I hope true collectors get the items and put them to good use.

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I have the HP 2540 Printer. It scans directly to PDF, saving a few steps. It's $80 at Wally World!
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That must be from People's Sale's and Service. Called them a month back to ask them about getting something and they said that it was their last day in business.
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