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This thread is for our Members information how to get the best results whenever they need help from the friendly folks here @ GTTALK..

We want all our members to receive the help and advice that they need,so please take your time and be as descriptive as you can, both in your title and in your question and don't forget the Tags feature.

Here's a few pointers:

Where you make your post- is important as you should put it in the place where the most folks that know your equipment usually watch. If you post a thread in the Large tractor section about a lawn tractor it won't do so well & so on..

When starting a new thread the Title should be as descriptive as you possibly can make it. If you only put one or two words in the Thread's description it is often missed by members that may have been able to help solve your problem / answer your question.
Many members scan the new or recent information added to the forums or once they catch something they want to 'follow' the thread they link to it. (Other folks may be having the same issues for instance..)

For Example when you make your title- If someone just titles their thread "Hello" or something similarly vague, many of our members may skip over this thinking it could just be a spam post..

A Title like: My Craftsman tractor (model # with HP helps) B&S engine won't start or something that gives the members an idea what your equipment and problem is thus they will jump in and give you a hand if they can..

So now we have the title made and put into the right area! Great!!

Now let's move on to writing the thread itself--

A good description of the trouble you are having along with pictures if applicable/possible to illustrate just what trouble you are having makes for better responses and help. Model numbers and serial numbers help members get the precise information that you are looking for to fix your machine.. **Imagine telling the story to a blind man for instance.. Our members are wandering the world with computers and smart phones / pads and the better you describe the problem the better the help you will get..

Now that you have done that, you should be able to get someone's thoughts or input soon..

***Please be patient when asking for help, especially if you are asking questions about an older, less common or rare GT, If you do not get a reply to your original question, just post a follow up question in the same thread. "Bumping" an older thread allows you to not have to re-post all the pertinent info a second time. By keeping your thread's information in one place you make all of the steps and trouble-shooting information that's been done so far in one place so other would-be helpers can be on the 'same page' with what has been done without having to re-post all of that information.. This also works better than creating new threads over and over for different questions on the same topic and allows for some continuity when the next person searches for information.

Remember, we're all in this to get the info out there and share in our experiences...

Thanks & Tractor On!

The GTTALK Staff
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