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Hey all,

First time poster here, used to float around some of the Massey boards on Yahoo.

I am slowly beginning to return my 14 to good working order. Engine was rebuilt not long before I headed to college, but it's been sitting for the last few years due to (among other things) this small part. If you happen to have a parts book for the 14/16, on page 9, it shows part #26, which is the 'Arm Assembly, Control'. Currently, that is snapped where it joins to part no. 28, above it.

It had snapped once, I had assumed that it simply had gotten weak over time, but then after having it welded back, it snapped again. The hydro on my 14 has always run strong, but would there be any other reason for this small piece to have broken? I can't think of anything that makes sense to me.

Thanks for the feedback!
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