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Just wanted to post a resource for those in Canada looking for new timed belts for their 48" mower deck. I live just outside Winnipeg, and called everywhere in the area looking for the best price. Napa was the place to go. The only other places I could find the belts were at Ag West Toromont who could order them out of Regina; or on eBay from the US. When looking on eBay search the Massey part number below.

Massey Part #3020166M2
Napa Part #250006

Belt Specs (1120-8M-25): 8mm pitch, 25mm width, 1120mm length, 140 teeth.

Napa Price: $45.01
AgWest Price: $66.00
eBay Price (includes duty, tax, shipping, CDN$): $52.02

Also, AgWest is the dealer for any other parts you need. So far they've been a bit pricey on most things, but generally speaking they can get what you need. Yetmans in Winnipeg was a good place for other belts, they stock the drive belts for the rear PTO (1/2" x 39" V-Belt) at $15.36 per belt.

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