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I have had several people email and or call me wanting headlight bezels im rather busy and only have a small window of time to make them. Im willing to sell everything outright to someone who has more time then I do and the drive to make money doing it. I have a list of people that want enough headlight bezels to clear $5000 after supplies are purchased I just dont have the time needed to produce them. I will sell all molds, supplies, contact list and aluminum headlight bezel outright. So if you are retired and are interested in creating parts for the massey garden tractors send me a message. I will not disclose info or pictures of the molds and info on supplies until cash has exchanged hands. Serious interest only please, im not giving the items away. Just offering this up so that people can get the parts they want in a timely manner. I wish i had more time to do it, but the reality is i dont. I only have the month of october and part of november. as deer season starts this saturday and goes until january my time is even more limited as my boy and i hunt as much as we can.

Jeremy Lathrop
GT Reproductions
[email protected]

I will continue to make them until operation has been sold. So if i have no interest I will make as many as i possibly can come october. Thanks to all who are on the list!!
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