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MF-16 Implement Drive Clutch

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Hi...I just found and joined the forum. I have a 1975/76 MF-16 Garden Tractor. Yes, it still works great...until the other day. I fried the "Implement Drive Clutch", bolted to the front of the Kohler 16 HP engine and (when activated) runs the mower deck pulleys/belts.

Can anyone out there help with a possible contact, part...or someone that would be interested in rebuilding it?

Not sure it can be rebuilt.

I hate to put this grand lady down.

Picture attached.




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Welcome to GTT. Check with our site supporters on the home page. Download the manuals for it from our Manuals Section(3 free downloads per day). It may be possible to replace just the windings if that is what failed.

Do not even think of scrapping the old GT. It can be repaired and even restored to like new. To buy a new machine that comes close to its capabilities would cost over $5000 today. Good Luck, Rick
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