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After mounting the snowblower onto my gc2300 I converted the chute turner to a electric turner by using a small 1000lb winch.I also made the chute deflector into electric as well.I used a electric window motor and actuator out of a 1970 chev car.I picked the motor and actuator up from the auto wrecker's for $25.It was very easy to do as the deflector pivots somewhere in its middle so it was easy to mount it to the deflector.I mounted the electric motor on a piece of plate that I had laying around and just bolted it onto the side of the chute.The switches are mounted inside the cab near the joy stick.I used momentary switches,the one closest to the window is for the deflector,the one further away is for the winch.It works really good,haven't had any problems with this set up at all.Larry


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