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I spent some time today trying to see if I could put JD wheel weights on Massey front rims without the weight sticking out.

I got a pair of Jd weights, 35lbs each.

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The front tire size on MF10,12,14,16 is 16x6.50x8, some have narrow rims, here I am using the wide rim.

Here's a rim, the weight and what I want to end up with.

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To do this I had to drill 2 mounting holes and 1 hole for the tire valve to move it to the inside of the rim.


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Inside, with hole for tire valve and mounting bolts.

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Finally the weight bolted in place, tire valve and grease fitting on the inside.

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Tires I'm using are V61 with tubes, like these.

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This will be done on a good pair of rims that I have and go on my MF16 tractor that has the 3 point lift on it, 70lbs extra weight on the front should help to hold it down.


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Looks good to me, Doug! Should work well!
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