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hello everyone

i was looking for some help to fabricate, the side frame brackets that support the pto pedal assy, and gear box for tiller attechment, on the r/h side
as well as the l/h bracket, that supports the mower deck pulling arms
would anyone have rough dimensions , such as the offset from the frame sides, locations of pins and holes

much appreciated

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Welcome to GTTalk. I can't help with your mf12 questions but there are lots of owners on here who may be able to help. Take a look through the older posts by searching for the info you need. You may get some info there.

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OK, I'm sure I missed something on this, but here are some sketchup pics.

First, a picture of the brackets:
Gas Fixture Wood Metal Machine

Both brackets are the same except for the pin that the implement pedal mounts on.
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