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i have a mf12h with a hh120 not sure what s/n, as the tags are missing
it has a steel fabricated bracket for the trans belt idler, not the cast one, also does not have front axle turn stopper bolts
hope this helps with the vintage

as to my question(discussion)

i have a second tractor, for parts
this spare mf12h had a reservoir tank under the seat, this i installed on my working unit that did not come with one
now i have a transmission fluid leak ,at the point where the reservoir attaches to the hydro.
at this point, there are three attaching fasteners inside the reservoir
they are not, what would look like a normal bolt (hex or torx, allen head), they almost look like a Huck fastener rivet

does anyone have experience with my issue with suggestions as how to remove the main resevoir

as i would like to see if a gasket has failed or was this year of hydro not ment to use the fill tank mounted above the transmission, creating an over fill sittuation

here is picture i found of the trans in question


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Hello Sid,
Sorry I have no answers for you. My personal opinion is that the gasket would not have failed simply because you added a resevoir tank. I'm hoping someone else has a better answer for you. Have you been to the AGCOPARTSBOOK.COM website and looked for the tractor parts breakdown?
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