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This is the deck off the MF8Executive. Nothing too exciting about this, other than
it's all there, and in good shape. Only 1 small hole found. Kinda neat that it has
Oak rollers on the back. They're worn, so I'll have to make new ones. I guess I
could customize it, and use some different woods laminated together.

One thing for sure, this deck is well built, and heavy.

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Just an update.
I finally got back to work on this this afternoon. Got it totally torn apart, and degreased, ready for

I've got to thank Alan (MH81), at this point for getting me going back on this
project. As some of you know, last week, I took a holiday in the sunny islands.
Well, since I got back on Sat. I've had a real hard time getting motivated to
do anything. I guess the laid back life down there, must have rubbed off on me.
Every time I thought about doing something, a voice in my head said "Manana".

I mentioned to Alan this morning, that I was kinda dragging my arse, and hadn't
really done much since I got back.
WELL, did he rip a strip off me. What a good motivator.
I'd show you guys the
PM, but this is a family channel.

Anyways, thanks Alan. I'm back at it.

Ps. I'll be keeping my eye on you.
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